With 4 intense workout sessions a week, a personalized meal plan, and the support of fellow brides on the same program –  Bridal Boot Camp is the perfect healthy way to walk down that aisle looking your best inside and out!

In case you’re still skeptical, we’ve provided readers with the below sample of what you might be in for during her boot camp. I tried this plan for just 7 days and lost a solid 2 pounds without feeling any hunger pangs or typical dieting irritability – it’s definitely worth a try for brides and non-brides alike.

“Jeffery…If it weren’t for your help and passion for helping me, I couldn’t have come this far.

Oh yeah…I actually LOVE camp! It’s the first hour of my day and I completely look forward to it. I’m a boot camper for life. I’ve lost a total of 69 pounds in 9 months…
Thank You!!”

Nancy T.
Philadelphia (South Philly), PA

Bridal Boot Camp Sample Meal Plan:

Meal #1

4 egg whites 1 yolk
1 whole wheat tortilla wrap
cocktail sauce to taste or 1 tbs hummus)

Meal #2

1 green apple
1 tbs fresh ground almond or peanut butter

Meal #3

1 low carb lenders bagel
4 oz chicken
2 slice of sundried tomato
2 tbs hummos

Meal #4

6 oz non fat greek yogurt
1/2 pomagrate or 3 slice pinaapple

Meal #5

4 oz turkey burger
1 whole wheat bun
2 tbs catsup
1 cup brocolli


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